It's time to get organised!

Use the Direct Connect Moving Checklist to make your move easy.
Click here to download a printable version on this checklist.
  • 4 weeks before the move

    • Arrange removalist quotes with Direct Connect.
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    • Notify landlord of vacation of premises date. Arrange to settle all outstanding debts.
    • Arrange for a property inspection so that you may recoup any bond owing to you.
    • Arrange for a cleaner (before the inspection) through Direct Connect. Organise this service
    • Organise new home and contents insurance through Direct Connect for the new address.
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  • 3 weeks before the move

    • Begin packing items not often used, e.g. those stored in your shed.
    • Make your travel bookings/arrangements e.g. plan your route, travel stops and accommodation.
    • Use Direct Connect to hire a ute or a truck.
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    • Gather your spare keys and hand them over to the real estate agent or new owner/tenant.
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  • 2 weeks before the move

    • Plan ahead for the special needs of children and pets prior to, during and after the move such as medication, food, care or entertainment.
    • Create inventory lists while you are packing. Attach one to each box as you pack it; this will help if you need to find something after it has been stored.
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  • Final week before the move

    • Contact Direct Connect to arrange connection of  electricity, phone, gas, broadband and if necessary, insurance. Organise this service
    • Defrost and clean refrigerator, using baking soda to get rid of any odours two days before you move.
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  • Moving day

    • Don't lose the list!
    • Check all of the cupboards before you go.
    • Take 5 minutes before you leave to stroll around for one final check.