Electricity & Gas

Direct Connect has partnered with three of the largest Energy Retailers in Australia, so we are able to provide you with a range of energy and gas options to suit your needs.

Connect Electricity

If you're looking for a 'no contract' electricity connection that gives you flexibility or even a green energy plan, we can find the right option for you.

Gas connections

Have your gas connection ready for the day you move into your new place and reap the benefits of gas cooking, hot water & heating.

Moving house

Arranging gas and electricity connections are just two of the things to do when moving house. Direct Connect can take care of this for you through our simple moving service that takes only 5 minutes on the phone to complete.
Want to know more about moving & connecting electricity & gas? Go to > Gas & Electricity Suppliers
Connecting electricity & gas is simple with us. Find out by clicking "GET CONNECTED" below.