Phone & Internet

Our telecommunication specialists at EZIconnect can offer you a great range of home phone and broadband internet solutions to meet your needs when moving home.

EZIconnect has access to the major home phone & internet providers, and will do a serviceability check on your new address, and can provide expert advice on what are the best plans that are available to you.
What can EZIconnect offer you?
  • Choice of leading suppliers
  • Access to multiple plan types - including no contract options
  • Wide range of deals and special offers
  • Zero paperwork - can connect you over the phone
  • Expert advice from a team of telecommunication experts

Phone Options

Whether you're a heavy home phone user, make international phone calls or just need a basic home phone connection, we can work with you to find the best plan for your usage patterns.

Internet Options

Need an internet connection at your new home as well? Let our team of experts find the best broadband internet plan to suit you, from a full range of internet plans including high speed ADSL and wireless broadband internet. Have internet ready to go at your new home with Direct Connect.

Other Telecommunications Options

EZIconnect can also provide you access to a range of other great products including Naked Broadband, Wireless Broadband and even great mobile plans. They may even be able to transfer your current service to your new address. Ask to speak to EZIconnect when connecting your utilities to find out what options are available to you!

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