10 Moving Concerns and How to Beat Them

10 Moving Concerns and How to Beat Them

Moving is tough but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you or your family with planning, prep and patience.

Moving to a new home is one of life’s most exciting adventures, but it does tend to be a bit overwhelming on the mind and body when you’ve got your family to think about! From disrupted routines to worries about schools, safety, and emotional well-being, the list of things to do when moving house can seem endless.

But don’t worry too much, we’re here to help you with what to do when moving house. Our newest blog explores the top 10 concerns most families have when it comes to the big move and shares some helpful tips on how to overcome them, so you can embrace the exciting new change and have some peace of mind.

Disruption to your children's routine

Maintaining stability for your kids is a huge aspect to consider during a move. But with a little planning and support, you can help them adjust smoothly. Try involving your children in the moving process, allowing them to express their feelings about it, and encouraging open communication. A great way to do this is by exploring the new neighbourhood together or joining local clubs or activities.

School and education

If your home move involves your children moving schools as well, finding the right school for your children is a priority. Research your area and plan ahead, looking at curriculum, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and any specialised programs they offer. Consider factors such as class sizes, teacher-student ratios, and overall school culture, and look at visiting in person to see how your kids feel about it.

Safety and security

Everyone wants to feel safe at home. Before deciding on areas to move to, research crime rates, speak with local law enforcement, and ask potential neighbours about their experiences. If you feel confident, spend some time in the area by visiting cafes and local shopping centres and get a feel of the community.

Emotional impact on children

Moving can be an emotional rollercoaster for children, but there are ways to help them navigate this journey, that in turn may be positive outlets for parents. Encourage open conversations about their feelings, validate their emotions, and give them reassurance that their concerns are heard and understood. By giving them a safe and judgement-free space, your kids will feel more confident navigating the moving process.

Financial considerations

Budgeting and financial considerations are one of the largest concerns we see in our line of work. A great way to tackle this one is to start by creating a detailed moving budget, including expenses such as packing materials, transportation, and utility connections, which we can help with if you’re looking to change providers. Research affordable housing options in your new area and explore any available relocation benefits or programs to help lessen the strain a little.

Accessibility to amenities

The last thing you want to do is move to a new home and realise you have to travel an hour to get to your closest supermarket! Having convenient access to amenities is important for your family's daily life. Before moving, explore the new neighbourhood virtually or in person. Check for nearby parks, healthcare services, and shopping centres. That way, you’ll be making a more informed decision when it comes time to purchase a home.

Support network

Leaving behind a support network can be tough, for you and your kids, but maintaining your old one while also building a new one is possible. Reach out to friends, family, and acquaintances who may have connections in your new area. Try engaging with local community groups, parent-teacher associations, or neighbourhood organisations to meet new people who share common interests. Sometimes it’s as easy as waving to your neighbour on the way to take the bins out.

Logistics and organisation

Managing the logistics of a move can be incredibly overwhelming in the midst of everything going on, but with proper planning and assistance, it becomes manageable. Start by creating a timeline and checklist to stay organised. Declutter and pack systematically, labelling boxes for easy unpacking. If it all feels like too much (we know it can sometimes!), look into booking removalists to take care of the hard parts. And guess what? Our team can help you with that whenever you need.

Settling into a new community

You’ve made the move, but now you’re worried about whether you’ll fit into the community. Start slow; go for walks around the neighbourhood, wave to passersby on the street, or introduce yourself to your neighbours by inviting them over for a barbeque or play date if they have kids. A great way to meet fellow parents and help your kids make new friends is by hitting up local events and volunteering.

Maintaining stability and routine

Last but not least, how are you going to maintain stability and routine when you have everything else to worry about? The good thing is the moving period is only temporary (thankfully), so it might go over well to create a schedule that includes familiar activities, such as regular family meals, bedtime routines, and favourite hobbies, to provide some consistency and keep everyone accounted for. It might even be as simple as sticking to your morning coffee routine or taking the kids out for ice cream every Wednesday night. Whatever it is, find a part of your pre-moving life to take with you.

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