How To Find the Best Removalist

How To Find the Best Removalist:

Everything you need for a smooth move, avoiding hidden fees, getting quotes and who can you trust?

If you ask us, moving home is a fantastic adventure, but there are definitely aspects of it that may be daunting and can lead to a stressful experience. From packing up all your belongings to getting them safely to your new destination, there are plenty of challenges that can pop up during a move. But don’t you worry; this is why we have removalists!

In this blog, we’ll talk you through how to find a removalist  for a stress-free relocation, and introduce you to one of the best moving companies, our partners over at Muval to help you find the perfect moving partner for your needs.

When planning a move, it might be tempting to handle everything yourself or rely on friends and family to help. And while most of the time that help doesn’t come with a cost - unless you count all the dinners or lunches you’ll be paying back to your friends and family - it’s actually more beneficial to just hire professional removalists to get the job done.

Expertise and experience:

Professional removalists have the knowledge and experience to handle your belongings with care. They know how to pack delicate items, load and unload the truck efficiently, and secure all your possessions during transit to help avoid the stress that comes with lost or broken items.

Time and efficiency:

Relocating involves a lot of tasks that can be time-consuming, and your friends and family aren’t always going to be available. Hiring removalists frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of the move, without straining your relationships.

Safety and insurance:

Accidents happen, as much as we don’t want them to. Most reputable removalist companies will offer insurance coverage for your belongings during a move. Thankfully, most removalists (like Muval - more on that to come!) can offer you specialist cover, so you can feel better knowing that your possessions are protected in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Proper equipment:

Removalists come equipped with the right tools and equipment to handle different types of items, so you know they’ll be moved safely and without damage.

Stress reduction:

Stress is one of the worst things for your mental and physical health, and the process of moving puts enough of that on you without lugging boxes back and forth. So having professionals take care of the logistics where possible can significantly reduce your stress levels. Our friendly team members are always on call to help you connect your utilities and hook you up with other services like cleaners, and of course, removalists!.

How to Find the Best Removalist for you

There are so many removalists and interstate moving companies out there, it’s scary. Sure, you could spend the entire day perusing the internet, reading reviews, checking availability of removalists, and starting all over again when they supersede your budget, but we’ve got an easier solution for you.

Meet Muval.

Not only have they completed 40,000 moves across Australia, but they have simplified the process of finding and booking a reliable and trustworthy removalist for your move. How do their removalists differ from others, you ask? Well, each furniture removals company available on their platform must succeed a rigorous 7-step verification process, as well as passing regular audits and check-ups to make sure vital insurances are up-to-date, and quality standards are being upheld. Pretty good, right? 

On top of that, Muval has some great benefits, such as:

  1. Transparent quotes: Muval provides transparent quotes, allowing you to compare prices and services from multiple removalists, so you get the best value for your money.

  2. Wide network of removalists: There are plenty of companies who have partnered with Muval, enabling you to find a provider that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

  3. Customer reviews and ratings: The platform features genuine customer reviews and ratings for each removalist, helping you make an informed decision based on the experiences of others.

  4. Flexible booking options: Muval offers flexibility in choosing the moving date and time that suits your schedule, making the entire process convenient and stress-free.

  5. Dedicated support: Just like the Direct Connect team, the Muval team is committed to assisting customers at every step of their move, ensuring a smooth experience so you can enjoy the moving process.

You really can’t go wrong, get it all done with us, especially if you’re looking to make your move as easy as possible. Relocating to a new home doesn't have to be stressful. By entrusting your move to professional removalists, you can focus on the excitement of starting fresh in a new place. 

You can learn more about booking a removalist through Muval right here on the Direct Connect site!

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